One of a kind home in Sanger area now for sale

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One of a kind home in Sanger area now for sale (Courtesy: Assemi Real Estate)

A Sanger area home that features curves and character but hidden away by trees is now on the market.

Fresno architect Art Dyson created the one of a kind home in 1986. Deborah Lapp was his client.

"I had an idea that we would make something completely off the grids, something organic." Dyson was very receptive to her ideas.

"She really liked curves that was really apparent in a lot of the conversations we had. Interestingly enough human beings are more comfortable in curved areas yet most every area we're in is rectangular."

The home sits next to Collins Creek which flows into the Kings River.

The two story home with three bedrooms and two and three quarter baths sits on six acres of land in the middle of a small forest.

"We probably wouldn't build it in my neighborhood, we probably wouldn't built it in your neighborhood. So it's a convergence of a number of things. "

The site itself, the budget, the client, their desires, their likes and dislikes." Before Dyson starts drawing the project he wants to get to know the person who hired him.

"My questionnaire with my clients my residential clients is forty pages long.

And it asks all those personal questions. It asks where they prefer to sit in a restaurant?

Whether they sit in a corner or next to a window?" Dyson studied under renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

"He had a great influence. He showed me what a real architect was.

What architecture was and what it meant.

It's not just building buildings and that architecture is certainly more than a box."

34 years ago Dyson's one of a kind home was built for just under $100,000. He believes that architecture is a matter of composition, not expensive materials.

The house is listed by Assemi Real Estate for $599,000.