Man steals 4-foot python by putting it in his pants

Police are looking for a guy who stole a 4-foot python by stuffing it in his pants (WDIV via CNN Newssource)

ROCKWOOD, Mich. (WDIV) - Last week, a man came in asking about snakes and he also wanted to buy a rat, but when he was left alone, he did the unthinkable.

Yes, he stole the snake by hiding it down his pants.

And although it's clear now, nobody thought that's what happened. When they realized Pasta the Python was missing, they thought he escaped.

"We were thinking about it,” said store worker Callie McLeroy. “We were just like there's no way he could just be missing."

So, they went back through the video.

"The first time we watched I was like no that didn't happen,” store worker Emily Scheiwe said. “I was like play it back. We had to watch it a couple of times before we were like Oh my God. He just put it in his pants."

"Did he just do that? And then we see him walking around after and we're just like how is he doing that?,” said McLeroy.

In fact, he walked around the store for close to four minutes and even paid $6 for the rat, but walked out with a $100 worth of snake.

"I would not be that calm with a giant four-and-a-half-foot python down my pants,” McLeroy said.

So, unless you know who this guy is, this might be the perfect python pilfering plot.

"I wish it would have bit him,” said Scheiwe. “I think that it would've made for a much better video if it would've bit him."