Man honors late wife with Carrie Underwood truck

Lawrence Young coins himself as a Carrie Underwood super fan with his tribute truck. (CNN Newsource)

MANHATTAN, Kansas – A Kansas man has made his truck a tribute to singer Carrie Underwood, partially because he's a self-described "super fan" - and partially because Underwood's music helped his family through a very difficult time.

“Who else gets to drive around with Carrie Underwood all day?” asked Carrie Underwood fan Lawrence Young. “The radio has never been played in this truck -- Carrie Underwood music all the time.”

Lawrence Young coins himself as a Carrie Underwood super fan with his tribute truck. But the reason for the truck is about more than just his love for the music. But for his wife who got sick in 2010.

“They said she would regain consciousness and I could see her in an hour. Well, one hour went by, six hours went by, 24 hours went by - she hadn't regained consciousness,” explained Young.

Surgery left her with severe brain damage and doctors saying she would never be able to talk again.

“Immediately, I started playing Carrie's music when we put her in the bed at home -- and within the first 48 hours we saw more activity,” said Young.

And nine weeks later, less than a minute before Kathi died, she had just one thing left to tell Lawrence

“Carrie's music helps through rough times," recalled Young.

So now 70-year-old Lawrence Young drives around, catching all the attention.

“I did this to honor my wife and honor Carrie because without Carrie's music, I would have lost my wife nine weeks earlier.”

Knowing that every time he gets into that truck, his wife is singing along too.

“She just loved Carrie Underwood - and I know she's smiling.”

Young says he went to five Carrie Underwood concerts with his wife while she was still alive. He's going to see Underwood again this September when she comes to town.