Elementary student wins science fair with Deflategate project: "Is Tom Brady a cheater?"

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SAN ANTONIO - Now there is scientific proof that Tom Brady cheated during the 2015 AFC Championship game when the New England Patriots claimed victory over the Indianapolis Colts.

That scientific proof comes from a 10-year-old student who presented Deflategate as his science project and won the science fair!

Kentucky elementary school student Ace Davis will now move on to the district science fair with his project, "Is Tom Brady a cheater?" His dad posted pictures of the project on his Facebook page.

Ace's hypothesis is that underinflated footballs do indeed "provide a competitive advantage in a game."

To prove his point, Ace used footballs of different weights and enlisted the help of his mom and sister to throw the balls. After measuring the distances thrown and accuracy of various targets, Ace concludes that, "Tom Brady is indeed a cheater."

In reality, investigators did find that Brady was at least aware that the balls were deflated. He was suspended for four games.