VIDEO | Police jump into storm drain to save mother duck and ducklings

Two Edmond police officers work in a drain to get ten baby ducklings out of the storm drain after a citizen called them. (Wayne Stein/YouTube)

Two Edmond police officers spent some time in a storm drain to save a mother duck and ten babies.

The two were called by an Edmond man who recorded the whole thing on a cell phone, then uploaded the video to YouTube.

"I was walking and I heard a mother panicking, so I walked up to her and looked down, but did not see or hear any babies. I was puzzled. When I returned over an hour later she was still there. Now the father was also there. Then I heard them: the babies! All of them!" wrote Wayne Stein on the YouTube video.

"Brave officers Colter Morey and Andrew Deyager worked diligently! Two angels! Rain was coming that night," Stein wrote.