Trump fires back at Clinton in Twitter feud

clinton tweet
In response to Donald Trump's criticism of Barack Obama's endorsement of Hillary Clinton, Clinton's campaign tweeted back "Delete your account." (

Hillary Clinton hit Donald Trump where he lives Thursday: on Twitter.

Escalating the general election fight less than an hour after President Barack Obama announced his endorsement of Clinton in a video posted on social media, Trump blasted both with a tweet saying, "Obama just endorsed Crooked Hillary. He wants four more years of Obama--but nobody else does!"

Clinton's campaign promptly responded, "Delete your account."

Within 90 minutes, the tweet became Clinton's most retweeted post ever, according to Twitter Government. Trump was initially silent, but he replied two hours later, taking a shot at Clinton's reliance on her staff and her email scandal.

Clinton's post drew immediate applause from some supporters.

Among other users, there was a general sense of dismay that this is the level of discourse in this election.

Republicans promptly suggested that a woman facing so much controversy for deleting emails might not want to joke about such things.

There was also a growing concern that Clinton's tweet had forever ruined "delete your account" for everyone else and that other Twitter jokes could be next.

Anthony Weiner, the New York Democrat whose congressional career was derailed when he accidentally tweeted a sexually explicit photo of himself in 2011, also chimed in on the "delete your account" advice.