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Beaverton dad goes viral after dancing in background of daughter's video

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Beaverton dad goes viral in daughter's video tutorials. (Video courtesy of Jennifer Jones)

What one Beaverton family thought only they would witness became a viral video, and was later viewed more than 10 million times.

You may have seen the hilarious viral video of a dad named Isaac, dancing in the background of his daughter's video tutorial.

KATU News spoke to the local family about the whole story behind the popular video.

Delaney loves to record videos, and Isaac loves to dance. In the video, the six year old is unfazed, but turns out, the joke was on him.

While her Isaac knew she was recording, he didn't know the video Delaney was recording at the time was for her teachers.

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"I was just doing what we would normally do. I was just being goofy dad," Isaac said.

Delaney's mom Jennifer found the video on the school app and says she couldn't resist uploading it Facebook.

"20 years from now, we'll look back and say 'remember that time where it was really hard and it was really emotional and the whole world was struggling but we were able to find joy in those moments?' I think that’s why people relate to this video so much," Jennifer said.

The family's weather tough times this year, as all five of the family member survived COVID-19.

Parents Jennifer and Isaac even temporarily lost their jobs.

What they say they're trying to teach their kids is, "there’s a storm, but there's always going to be the sunlight after the storms."

Right now, that lesson is making its way into millions of homes.