Where are all the wildflowers around San Antonio?

KimberAnn & Nesdora Hodges
KimberAnn & Nesdora Hodges

SAN ANTONIO - As I drive around town and up and down I-10 towards the Hill Country, I'm struck by the fact that it appears to me that there just aren't as many bluebonnets as I've seen in previous years. Yes, there are a few spots that are blooming nicely, and the blankets of blue and yellow are visible, but along much of the highways other than an occasional patch, it's a little barren.

NOTE: Here are some tips on taking excellent bluebonnet photos...

So what's up?

I spoke to Laura Jarvis, a Horticulturists from Rainbow Gardens about what was going on. Surprisingly, it had to do with the weather we had way back in September! She says this season has been "off kilter" because of a lack of rainfall in September and October. Laura says that's when the seeds are sown and that's critical to a healthy wildflower season. She also says that we do need some cold snaps during the winter, but that in our case it might of gotten a little too cold. I checked and indeed we were about three inches below our normal.

But in the Austin area and Hill Country, where much more rainfall fell there in those months because the storm track pushed most of the heavier rainfall that way, the wildflowers are thriving!

So if you still want to see some beautiful blankets of Bluebonnets, try taking a drive to Central Texas... and send us your pictures! CLICK HERE... You can also text the word SHARE to 44332.