Bluebonnet Photos: What you need to know to get the most from our wildflower season


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SAN ANTONIO - It's that time of year again! Wildflower season in South Texas! This is when so many people take time to stop and smell the flowers. Along the highways and open fields you'll find people pulled off the road taking pictures with the family. And since bluebonnets are the Texas state flower since 1901, it seems appropriate to take a little time and commune with these magnificent fields of blue.

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Tips to remember when stopping to take pictures:

1. Remember to pull completely off the highways and park in a safe place out of the flow of traffic.

2. Also try to check and make sure you're not going into someones private property.

3. There are lots of critters that live in some of those same fields of wildflowers so make sure and keep an eye out for snakes, spiders and ant piles.

By the way there is a myth that it is illegal to pick bluebonnets. This is not true. However, it's still a good idea to leave those fields as you found them and allow others to enjoy the flowers and also give the wildflowers a chance to continue to bloom for yours to come.

Tips to taking more photogenic pictures:

1.Remember to take pictures at eye level if possible

2. sitting in the flower beds is normally preferred over standing

3. try not to take pictures that distract from the person or flowers such as buildings or posts or even highways in the background.

And where are some spots to go locally and find some beautiful fields of wildflowers???

1. I-10 and Ralph Fair rd on access road-westbound

2. Hwy 151 at Westover Hills by Hospital

3. Floresville-Poth area

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