High school JV football player launches racist attack through FaceTime

O'Connor High School (SBG Photo)

SAN ANTONIO - (UPDATE 8 P.M. 11/6) - We have new details about allegations of a racist attack launched by a student at O'Connor High School.

A Brandeis High School senior is defending the alleged victim.

She's a student at Clark High School and was the alleged target of racial slurs during the video call involving 11 students.

Since our report Thursday night, we've learned at least three of them have been identified as students from O'Connor.

According to sources, only one has been identified as an O'Connor Junior Varsity football player.

Northside ISD Spokesman Barry Perez says no member of the varsity team was identified in the video.

He also says racial or derogatory slurs and actions will not be tolerated.

Administrators are taking the allegations seriously and are investigating.

Late Friday, an O’Connor coach addressed the issue in a letter to student athletes.

We obtained a copy of the letter, which you can view below.

UPDATE: Since our original report Thursday, we've learned new details about the alleged racist attack.

NISD Spokesman Barry Perez said Friday morning, three students in the video have been identified as O'Connor High School students. Perez says the eleven students on the call are from various area schools, and possibly other school districts.

Sources tell us one of them is a Junior Varsity Football player, and no member of the school's varsity team was involved.

The situation is still under investigation.


SAN ANTONIO - Allegations of racial slurs at a local high school have surfaced.

The social media attack has now gone viral and one student is speaking out.

A student from Brandeis High School is accusing an O’Connor High School football player of launching a racial attack on a student during a video chat session.

We got reaction from the district.

Taunting and teasing a student at Brandeis High School, an alleged group of O'Connor High School football players are caught on camera launching a vicious racial attack.

“And you can here in this video they were intentionally coming after her because of the color of her skin, because of her race," said an unidentified student from Brandeis High School.

The young black woman recorded the FaceTime call allegedly showing the young man who called her the n-word, sent messages that he hates all n-words, and that they were “stupid monkeys.”

"Telling her you're a monkey, you're this, you're that because of the color of her skin," he said.

We're protecting the identity of this Brandeis High School senior who is a friend of the alleged victim.

He's angry and says football players should be held to a higher standard.

We've also blurred the viral video to protect identities.

"The teachers can identify them, the coaches can identify them and I'm pretty sure the principal can identify them," the student said.

School leaders at O'Connor are aware of the allegations and have identified three O'Connor High School students on the video call.

Sources tell Fox San Antonio and News 4 San Antonio one of the students is a Junior Varsity football player. We're told not one of the students involved is a member of the school's Varsity Football team.

The video shows 11 students on the call. An NISD spokesman says some of the students are from other schools and possibly other school districts.

"No matter who said what they all took a part in it," he said.

This student has come forward because he says racial attacks have been an ongoing problem within the district fueled, he says, by past remarks from President Donald Trump.