Uno Mas Manu: The Bosh Buster

The Bosh Buster{ }

SAN ANTONIO - We started something Monday night that's catching on with Spurs fans on social media. We have time to talk Manu Ginobili into one more year with the Spurs. We are sharing the best plays of his career with something we call "Uno Mas Manu."

So many great plays, and we'll see them when he was young and old, but at 36 years old he did this the closeout game to beat the Heat and win the title in 2014. We call it the Bosh Buster. This play is so rich, at first glance it's just a drive down the middle for a powerful dunk -- that's good enough -- but you have to break it down.

First he protects the ball like a running back, then he elbows Ray Allen out of the way and still has the hops at 36 to dunk on a 7 footer (Chris Bosh). And Timmy's nod of approval caps it off.

It's the essence of Manu all at once -- The Bosh Buster.

Uno mas, Manu, uno mas. #UnoMasManu

The Bosh Buster

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