Two San Antonio police officers receive indefinite suspensions

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SAPD officer Stephanie Solis has been suspended indefinitely after a January 2018 shoplifting incident. (Photo courtesy SAPD).

SAN ANTONIO - Officers Justin Ayars and Stephanie Solis have received indefinite suspensions, according to reports provided by the San Antonio Police Department in response to a public information request for disciplinary action taken in the month of August.

Three other SAPD officers received significant suspensions last month.

Twelve additional SAPD officers received shorter suspensions in August, while four firefighters also were disciplined.

Ayars was suspended for a May 26, 2018 domestic disturbance. After an argument at their apartment, Ayars struck a woman “in the face, causing fractures to her orbital wall and sinus wall,” according to the report.

Solis was suspended after a Jan. 18, 2018 shoplifting incident at Macy’s. According to the report, Solis took $438 worth of items and “was observed passing the check-out counter without paying.” Detained after a struggle, a firearm was confiscated from her. Solis was also found to be in possession of drugs.

More details on Solis, and a subsequent problem she encountered.

Officer Aaron Klopp had his 45-day suspension in a May 21, 2018 fatality reduced to 30 days. While driving 70-75 mph on San Pedro Avenue in response to a code three emergency, Klopp “failed to exercise reasonable care.. deviating from established driving practices and was the major cause of the collision and death of a pedestrian,” according to the report.

Detective Jimmy Castillo was suspended for 30 days after a March 18, 2018 home disturbance. Castillo consumed “alcoholic beverages to the extent of becoming intoxicated,” according to the report, and failed to leave the home when requested, requiring a law enforcement response. He also was disrespectful to officers.

Officer Crystal Estrada had her 30-day suspension in a Jan. 27, 2018 fatal shooting reduced to seven days. While attempting to take Kirsten Kloppe into custody, Estrada “failed to use sound judgment,” according to the report, when she ordered a cadet to enter a dangerous situation, “failed to identify the situation” and “failed to keep her duty weapon and two spare magazines fully loaded.”

The most serious SAFD suspensions were Lt. Kenneth Campbell (16 days) for paperwork and weapons violations, firefighter Jason Persyn (10 days) for providing rides on a fire truck without permission and posting photos on social media, and firefighter Samuel Hernandez (9 days) for disobeying instructions involving advancing a hose.