Traffic concerns in Port St. Lucie neighborhood prompt city involvement

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Traffic concerns in Port St. Lucie neighborhood prompt city involvement (WPEC)

In one Port St. Lucie community where most neighbors greet each other by name, pedestrian and roadway safety are major priorities.

Speeders who zip through the Southbend Lakes neighborhood are on the radar of both the residents and city officials, which prompted a discussion about possible solutions to the traffic trouble.

"Cars come in and out," said Damarys Jimenez, as she detailed the flow of traffic at its peak. "Like really fast and it's scary. I am a mother. I fear someone could get hurt."

Neighbors describe the traffic conditions along Southbend Boulevard in Port St. Lucie as concerning.

The City of Port St. Lucie, through the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Policy, is holding a public meeting Tuesday at 6 p.m. to receive input on conceptual traffic calming improvements in the Southbend Lakes Neighborhood.

The meeting will provide details on the proposed project and background information regarding the conceptual traffic calming improvements, the next steps in the process, and potential timelines for budget and completion.

Following the presentation, residents within the “Study Area” will be given the opportunity to provide their input regarding the proposed improvements in order to determine how the project will move forward. Members of the project team will be available to answer any questions.