Judson avenges last year's loss to Clemens on Thursday Night Lights 34-28

JUDSON CLEMENS_101520_1900_frame_114556.jpg
SBG San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO - A Thursday Night Lights matchup could not get any better than this - Judson vs. Clemens.

Those two teams battled it out in a classic on the final week of the season in 2019 for the district title. Clemens shocked Judson 34-30, which was the Buffaloes first win over the Rockets in almost two decades.

During Thursday night’s game, Clemens came in strong against the Rockets by scoring the first touchdown with a one-handed catch!

By the end of the second half though, it seemed like anyone’s game as both teams had strong defensive touchdowns, making them evenly matched.

However, the second half of the game was where the real action started. Back to back touchdowns from both teams had fans at the edge of their seats. In the end, the game certainly lived up to the hype and Judson redeemed themselves from last year’s loss 34-28.

Next week, Churchill takes on Clark high school.