There is a Selena Funko POP! coming soon

AP Photo/Houston Chronicle, John Everett

SAN ANTONIO (WOAI/KABB) — If you are a fan of the pop culture hit Funk POP! figures and of Selena then this news is made just for you.

The listing for the new 2021 figures has been revealed and the "Queen of Tejano" is about to get her own.

According to a listing, Selena will be part of the "POP! Rocks" line which features music icons such a Black Sabbath, Elton John and more. The figure is set to be a glitter variant and feature her in her signature burgundy outfit.

This will be the first one featuring her as fans have been clamoring for a figure for years.

Funko POP! customizer, Funkoboss, created a mock up of what the Selena POP! could look like once it is available.

The long wait should be over soon. Expect the Selena POP! to be released in early 2021.

Will you be getting one? After all, anything for "Selenas."

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