Why the kind of car you drive plays a role in your chance of going hungry

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Food Bank CEO Eric Cooper is this week’s guest on the ‘SanAntonio’s Voice’ podcast, talking with Randy Beamer about his increasedlobbying on behalf of San Antonio during the pandemic. (SBG Photo)

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SAN ANTONIO - Feeding more San Antonians each week than the capacity of the Alamodome and AT&T Center combined, there’s no shortage of work for the San Antonio Food Bank. That’s why CEO Eric Cooper is actively speaking to Congress and Governor Greg Abbott, hoping to improve and retain programs that serve more than 120,000 people per week.

Cooper is this week’s guest on the ‘San Antonio’s Voice’ podcast, talking with Randy Beamer about his increased lobbying on behalf of San Antonio during the pandemic. They also talk about the new faces receiving food and why some unemployed families still can’t get fed. The reason may surprise you.

Cooper also talked about a little-known requirement for Supplemental Assistance Program (or SNAP) benefits that's related to the price of your car. It means the Food Bank is having to help even more people during the pandemic

He also talks about the big-picture story of poverty in San Antonio, blaming low-paying jobs and racism for contributing to the hunger problem here. He also adds that it’s wrong the Food Bank to be expected to serve as a safety net caused by others. Plus, the former missionary and Boy Scout reveals his family's personal experience with homelessness and how it helped change his life.

Cooper joined the San Antonio Food Bank in 2001 as the youngest executive director in the history of the organization. The Food Bank helps provide food to Texans in a 16-county service area and employs 250 people. Cooper serves on a variety of committees focused on food and nutrition. Before arriving in San Antonio, Cooper was a product donations manager at the North Texas Food Bank.

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