The San Antonio Zoo may be closed, but the animals are still being cared for

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SBG San Antonio

The San Antonio Zoo may be closed right now, but don't worry about the animals, they are being cared for and fed.

The zoo usually employs about 700 people during this time of year, but they've had to furlough many of their staff including ticket sales, restaurants and guest services, which are not needed right now because of the closure.

They will all have their jobs back when the zoo opens. Meanwhile, the zoo has helped their furloughed employees apply for assistance to get them through these tough times.

The simple numbers is it costs about $2 million dollars a month to operate the zoo, and the zoo makes about $2 million dollars a month, and so without that income we've had to make some really hard choices and really focus in on our core of animal care, safety, security and infrastructure, and that's the staff that's really here working at the zoo right now," said Tim Morrow, San Antonio Zoo CEO.

The zoo is 100% focused on taking care of the zoo animals right now. They need funding to continue because they are a non-profit organization. The zoo relies on it's guests, as well as donors, to operate.

There are many ways you can help support our world famous zoo.

You can adopt an animal and receive a certificate of adoption, a color 5x7 photo with a personalized bio of the animal and a voucher to get a stuffed plush animal.

CLICK HERE to adopt an animal

Annual passes are another great way to support our zoo and the prices have never been lower!

CLICK HERE to purchase an annual pass

If you'd like to donate to help feed the animals, please visit their website.