Texas’s shale country dangling huge pay raises to get workers

Photo: Gerd Altmann

The fracking areas of Texas are booming and some workers are getting pay raises of 100 percent to work for the oil companies. The supply of homes for sale in the Midland area is the lowest on record, according to the Texas A&M real Estate Center. Bloomberg says prices of homes haven’t been this high since oil was 100 dollars a barrel. Read more here

Disney could lose 50 million dollars on ‘Solo.’ An analyst with B. Riley FBR told the Hollywood Reporter ‘Solo’ cost a reported $250 million to make, plus a considerable global marketing campaign. So far the movie has made $264 million at the worldwide box office.

Instagram could challenge YouTube with videos up to an hour long. The Wall Street Journal doesn’t say exactly how such a feature would work, but it sounds like an extension of Instagram Stories. Currently the limit is 60 seconds on the Instagram timeline and 15 seconds in stories.

KFC is experimenting with vegetarian fried chicken. FoodBeast reports the plant-based food will be sold at some UK locations. The company says it will perfect the recipe with hopes of rolling it out to all restaurants next year.

Walmart is bringing a touch of the Napa Valley to its stores. The retailer will offer wines from California, France and Italy. It says they will sell for about 11 dollars a bottle, but will be high quality.