Texas representative says 'no' to plan to move Alamo Cenotaph

Cenotaph protest.PNG
Cenotaph protest.PNG

A Texas state representative and a group of protesters are saying "NO" to parts of the proposed Alamo Master Plan.

Rep. Kyle Biedermann and his supporters held a protest Friday morning to say they oppose two parts of the Alamo Master plan. First, they do not want to see the Cenotaph moved.

The new master plan calls to move the Cenotaph about 500 feet away from where it stands now in front of the Alamo. Biederman said moving the Cenotaph would put it in a "free speech zone." But Alamo leaders say they don't understand Biederman's concerns since he was able to exercise his right to free speech during his Friday morning protest alongside the memorial.

Biedermann also has a problem with what he described as a long-term lease agreement with the city of San Antonio.

"This is the state of Texas. This is our site and if we’re going to be taking over control of the area right here, we want to take control and we don’t want to have the say-so from the city of San Antonio or any of their connections to any international organization," said Biedermann, referencing the San Antonio missions' designation as a UNESCO Heritage Site.

The Alamo CEO says no such long-term lease agreement exists.

The Alamo Master Plan also calls to close off some streets around the Alamo, which most experts agree is a good idea.