Survey reveals the most annoying things about music festivals

Courtesy Four Loco
Courtesy Four Loco

Four Loko released its 2019 report on music festival etiquette and the results are telling.

The report surveyed 1,815 veteran festival attendees of 16 major music festivals. Of those surveyed, the average person has been to eight festivals, 46 percent have driven at least two hours to a festival and one in four have driven or flown at least six hours.

The top five most annoying things include peeing outside Porta Pottys, holding up signs, smelly bodies, moshing/crowd surfing and sneaking in or sharing bracelets.

Respondents were also asked about behaviors at specific festivals.

The Governor’s Ball in New York topped the list for most peeing outside Porta Pottys with Shaky Knees in Atlanta coming second and Boston Calling in third.

Austin’s SXSW was ranked as the cleanest festival followed by Shaky Knees and Summerfest in Milwaukee.

New York’s Electric Zoo was voted number one for most hooking up, most skin on display and most moshing/crowd surfing.

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