Some people are turning to CBD to medically treat their dogs

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Some people are turning to CBD, a compound ingredient found in marijuana, to medically treat their dogs.

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, can be used to help remedy all kinds of conditions, including epilepsy, chronic pain and anxiety.

But did you know that CBD oils could also be used to help treat your furry friends?

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, diverted from the cannabis plant, that is linked to medical benefits.

CBD doesn’t get you high, but it is used as a natural pain reliever, safe for humans and their dogs too.

“If somebody has anxiety or depression, they're neutralizing themselves to become balanced again (by using CBD). That’s the same with dogs. They have the same system that we do,” Mariah Vega, of Sacred Wellness, said.

Juan Guadiana is currently going through chemotherapy to treat the cancer doctors found in his neck.

Guadiana said he started coming to Sacred Wellness for CBD oils to use as a natural remedy to help with the pain.

“For a while, I had, like, crippling pain that I could barely stand up. So this is a way to help them get there without having any side effects,” Guadiana said.

Guadiana said he isn’t the only one in his family who takes CBD oil.

His 5-year old English bulldog, Nola, also takes it.

Nola is a full of energy but suffers from anxiety and intestinal issues.

“It was, like, diarrhea or really smelly stool and you can tell she experiences a lot of stress,” Guadiana said.

Guadiana said, unlike most dogs, Nola enjoys her pumpkin-flavored CBD treats even more than homemade treats.

“Every Saturday, I take her to the farmers market and she always gets offered natural homemade treats and she refuses to eat them. With these, she takes one sniff and eats the whole thing,” Guadiana said.

Guadiana said Nola takes her medication when he takes his.

He said it helps her anxiety and helps her process food better, and she doesn’t mind that it comes in her favorite flavor.