Siblings work together to create pickle dessert sensation

Siblings work together to create pickle dessert sensation (SBG San Antonio)

Siblings Jesus, Stephanie and Juan Martinez know a lot about dreams and hard work.

They started out with a small ice cream truck. But they weren’t there for long.

“We saved enough money to have a location. So this is our first location," said Stephanie.

Now their ice cream shop on the south side, El Chango Loco, is doing great.

“We sell funnel cakes, we sell fried Oreos," said Stephanie. "We have the famous Mangonadas here. We were voted number one in San Antonio for best Mangonadas.”

They love the traditional, but embrace the new.

“We try to stay with the trend, so when something pops up, we want to be on it and make it our own style and put our own mix into it," said Stephanie.

Their latest idea came to them in a video they saw online.

It’s a pickle, wrapped in a fruit roll up.

“And we knew our customers would love it here," said Jesus.

They took the idea and added their own special touch.

“The official name is the Pickle Fruit Roll Up," said Stephanie.

Stephanie said it’s about as puro San Antonio as it gets.

“When they try it they’re like, oh my God, where has this been all my life," she said.

Turns out the customers loved it. The customers were lined up outside the first day they sold it.

“We sold over 150 of those fruit roll ups just that one day," said Stephanie.

These three have gone far since the days working out of an ice cream truck.

If hard work has anything to do with it, their dream will only get bigger from here.

“Yes, we’ve been really blessed," said Jesus.