Shooting center burglarized in Port St. Lucie, dozens of guns stolen

PSL gun store theft 1.jpg

Port St. Lucie Police are investigating a burglary at the St. Lucie Shooting Center, Inc. on NW Concourse Place. (WPEC)

Port St Lucie Police are investigating the theft of handguns and assault rifles from a gun shop early Monday morning before the gun shop opened.

According to police, officers responded to the shooting center in reference to a burglary to the business which had been burglarized around 4 or 4:30 a.m. on Monday. The burglar alarm was tripped at that time, but it wasn't reported to police until an employee came into the store around 9:30 a.m. and noticed the business had been ransacked.

Detectives obtained surveillance video from the business that shows two unknown males were involved in the incident, according to police. The men were seen on video wearing long sleeves shirts, gloves and masks.

During the investigation, detectives discovered more than a dozen pistols and rifles were stolen from the business, police say.

Police believe the men used a pry bar and a drill to force their way into the business.

“You can have all the alarms and all but it’s hard to secure everything. It’s just disgusting. There’s low lives in this world, they’ll get what’s coming to ‘em,” said Ed Henson, the gun shop owner.

Ed Henson, a former police detective in New York, says the two guys who broke into his gun shop—St. Lucie Shooting Center, 490 NW Concourse Place---were pros.

Police have released still photos from the gun shop security cameras, showing the two burglars inside early Monday morning. They were wearing long sleeve shirts, gloves and masks.

"These guys know what they’re doing. They definitely know what they’re doing. they targeted the AR-15’s, they targeted the Glocks for some reason," he said.

Henson says about 4:45 Monday morning, two men either sawed open or pried open a hole in the metal siding on the outside of the gun shop, and came in.

He says they smashed open a glass display case with a hammer and they took about 10 Glock handguns, and they also stole about 15 AR-15 assault rifles that were hanging on a rack on the wall.

"They kinda knew what they were doing. They came in, jumped in, grabbed and ran out. A typical smash and grab. I think it’s disgusting. I don’t think it’s their first time," Henson said.

He says the two culprits were in and out of the gun shop in about 3 minutes and managed to make off with a lot of guns. According to police, the burglars triggered an alarm, but the burglary was not discovered until a few hours later, when an employee arrived and was preparing to open and saw the store was ransacked. Police say the suspects may have used a pry bar and a drill to get into the business.

"The guys are in and they’re out. That’s why you know you’re dealing with professionals. They’re not stupid in that sense. They want to get in and they want to get the hell out. That’s what they do," Henson said.

Henson says the stolen guns are worth about $20,000. He says from now on, they hope to store all the guns in the store’s safe after hours when the gun shop is not open. Port St. Lucie Police say they are working numerous leads.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Treasure Coast Crime Stoppers at 800-273-TIPS.