San Antonio Zoo starts fundraiser to help animals injured by Australia wildfires

It didn't take long for the San Antonio Zoo to do its part in aiding the wildlife suffering in the Australia wildfire.

When San Antonio Spurs guard Patty Mills took to social media to raise awareness about the disaster in his home country, president and CEO of the San Antonio Zoo, Tim Morrow, went into action.

"Many species endemic to Australia are at risk of extinctions or severely depleted populations as are their habitats due to the wildfires," Morrow said recently. "San Antonio Zoo’s vision is 'Securing a future for wildlife', we proudly care for a variety of animals native to Australia here at the zoo."

With that, the zoo announced today an Australia wildlife fund and the city of San Antonio can do its part in battling the natural disaster.

We are in contact with our zoological peers in Australia. We have offered to send veterinarians and or Animal Care Specialists to Australia to assist with the efforts of Australian zoological facilities helping animals affected by wildfires. Your gift to San Antonio Zoo’s Australia Wildlife Fund will help us provide the critical staff and supplies needed for rescue, recovery or care of animals injured or orphaned in the fires once we are called upon. If our team is ultimately not needed on the ground in Australia 100% of the funds will be sent directly to Zoos Victoria’s Bushfire Emergency Wildlife Fund.

Donations large and small can help make a difference. San Antonio Zoo is matching the first $5,000 donated to San Antonio Zoo’s Australia Wildlife Fund.

If you can help in any way financially, you can donate HERE.

"The San Antonio community has been hugely supportive of San Antonio Zoo and our conservation efforts so we are confident we can help. For example, Mini Texans Daycare in Boerne, TX, has already offered to sponsor a flight for a zoo staff member to Australia," said Morrow. "These kinds of donations are really helpful."

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