Rivals U-Knight: Regents, SA Holy Cross join forces for good cause

regents pic 3.jpg
regents pic 3.jpg

Over the last six years, the only time Regents and Holy Cross spent together came on a football field. But on this day, there was no ball and no field in sight.

“It’s funny, we have the same school colors, same mascot and here we working together to serve a group of young men that NEED help.” Holy Cross head coach Mike Harrison said.

Harrison and Regents head coach Beck Brydon united the Knights from Austin and the Knights from San Antonio for their first joint service project.

“It’s just working together like, ‘hey, can you move the cement bag over here, can you pour a little more water, I’ll pick up the post.’” Regents defensive tackle Grayson Guillen said. “Just things like that, helping each other out, working together.”

The day away from football was spent building fences, clearing paths, and lending a hand anyway possible to improve the lives of those at the Burke Center for Youth in Driftwood.

“Our job here is to help those battered and abused and neglected boys between 11-17 that really need to have that 24-hour a day, 365 days a year therapy and supervision to help them get over the traumas that have happened in their lives.” Burke Center for Youth executive director Steven Fournier explained.

Now when the rivals meet again on the field in San Antonio, each group of Knights will come armed with fresh perspective -- not only about their opponents -- but about the their community service together.

“The game of football has a lot to offer communities around us” Regents head coach Beck Brydon said. “And that’s why we want to give back...There is good in football and we want to make sure people see that as well.”

Between players, coaches and dads, nearly 200 helping hands showed up with the hope more programs will join over time.

“I saw a sign when we were driving up and I think it was about math and believe it or not, it kind of applies to situations like today.” Harrison explained. “It said, ‘math may not help us add love or subtract hate, but it may teach us that there’s a solution to every problem.’”

Always a solution better sought together.