Preparing your home and vehicle for hail

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SAN ANTONIO - With more hail in the forecast, we're finding out what you can do before the storm hits to protect your property.

After a big storm, you'll find Edmundo Ramirez in the hardest-hit neighborhoods.

"The company sends us to where they need us," the State Farm claims specialist says.

He's inspecting the home of a customer in Converse.

"Those circles are the hail hits," Ramirez says while pointing to chalk marks on the roof.

He says roofs are the hardest to protect.

"Shingles are manufactured to last 25, 30 years," Ramirez says. "But then you get storms like this - they're not made to withstand hail like that."

But he says you can take precautions inside the house.

"For example on the windows, you can just shut down the shutters," Ramirez says. "In case there's any glass damage, at least that won't go in all the way to the house."

As for your car, we took a drive to Ancira Winton Chevrolet. Nearly 2,000 vehicles on the lot sustained damage in the last rounds of hail. Almost all are now repaired.

"Huge savings for our customers," general manager Herman Murray says.

He recommends getting your car under cover. If that's not possible, give this tip a spin.

"We've even had people here who go out and buy moving blankets and then they take straps and strap them on their car at night to try to protect them. That will protect them," Murray says, at least from smaller hail.

Ramirez recommends moving grills and patio furniture inside, along with your pets.

"I wouldn't recommend leaving them out in the doggy house," he says. "I've seen pretty bad damage to a doggy house."

Unfortunately Mother Nature always has the upper hand but you can take these steps to fight back.