Police use tracker to locate missing autistic boy who wandered into traffic

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Police use tracker to locate missing autistic boy who wandered into traffic. (WPEC)

No parent wants to hear their child is missing. That was the case for the local parents of an autistic Port St. Lucie boy.

A passerby spotted a boy running through traffic afraid and lost in the area of southeast Thornhill Drive and southeast Fallon Drive, according to Port St. Lucie Police Department.

Police arrived at the location and safely grabbed the juvenile. The juvenile was non-verbal and appeared somewhat distressed.

The Juvenile had a small white tracker/transmitter bracelet on his ankle which the Officer immediately detected, therefore notified our Certified ‘Project Lifesaver’ on-call Sergeant who almost immediately was able to identify the juvenile based on a photo the officer provided.

Within minutes the Sergeant was able to provide the officer with the name of the child and the child’s home address due to stored information on the Project Lifesaver database.

Police conducted a thorough investigation and learned the child is Autistic and the parents have been doing everything possible to keep the child safe to include securing a tracker/transmitter bracelet on the child’s ankle.

No criminal charges being filed as there were no indicators the parents were neglectful; the child managed to bypass the house alarm.

No injuries were reported.