PODCAST: Councilwoman Jada Andrews Sullivan on COVID-19, police 'defunding' & more

Jada Andrews Sullivan
Councilwoman Jada Andrews Sullivan (SBG Photo)

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SAN ANTONIO – As calls to defund the police heat up nationwide, every dollar spent on the San Antonio Police Department will go under the microscope. That’s according to today’s guest, Councilwoman Jada Andrews Sullivan.

Andrews Sullivan tells Randy she believes redirecting some police funding to other city services, such as those centered on youth activities, could serve the community better. An Army veteran, she also explains why police weapons shouldn’t be so prominently used.

Andrews Sullivan and Randy delve into the impact COVID-19 is having on the African American community, as well as the potential for economic development in District 2.

Andrews Sullivan grew up on the east side of San Antonio. She graduated from Sam Houston High School at age 16 and attended the University of Texas at Austin for two years before enrolling in the U.S. Army. She took office as Councilwoman for District 2 in June 2019.

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