Pet of the Week: Scout is not just a pet, he's family!

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Courtesy: Krystina Ralph

Every Monday we choose a Pet of the Week from the hundreds of adorable photos we receive in Chime In, which is a place on our website where we encourage our viewers to share photos with us.

This week's furry friend is Scout, an almost 8-year-old half Pomeranian and half Shi Tzu mix sent in by his human Krystina Ralph.

Krystina said that she saw his picture online on a local news website in Utah and couldn't get his sweet face out of her head.

Even though he was in Idaho, which is a few hours away, her family took a road trip just to go adopt him from a farm where he lived with his mom, dad, and siblings. Right when her family pulled up to the house, his chubby body came tumbling down the steps to greet them. Krystina said he was the sweetest thing and rode quietly in the back seat with her little brother the whole way home.

Scout's name was chosen for him long before Krystina actually got him. She had been considering getting a boy dog for a long time and chosen the name Scout and was just waiting for the perfect pooch to adopt and bring home. Now, she couldn't imagine him having any other name, because it suits him perfectly.

Apparently Scout is somewhat of a picky eater. Krystina said she's struggled for a long time finding a food that he likes. Through trial and error over the years, and a lot of research, she finally found one that he loves. She said she read about freeze dried raw food and settled on the brand Instinct, and thankfully, Scout loves it! He's never eaten so well and they are going through about two bags every month. For such a tiny puppers he has a BIG appetite!

Scout's favorite toy is a colorful worm that her mom, Scout's grandmother, got him for Easter one year. Although he literally has hundreds of toys and the squeaker is broken in the worm, it is still the one he plays with the most! Krystina thinks she might need to get a backup one just in case it gets lost.

Like most beloved furry family members, Scout sleeps with his human. Who doesn't love having their four-legged friend snuggle up with them?

"Scout loooooves to have his picture taken. He's learned over the years that when I get my phone out, I'm usually taking pictures, so he sits nicely until I take it. My mom owns a business where she takes flat lay photos (photos of product laid flat on the floor) and when he is at her house and she gets her camera out, he jumps right in the photo and stays there until she's done. She says she is constantly cropping out his little feet from her pictures," said Krystina.

Scout is not a fan of bath time. To help him enjoy it more, Krystina got him some bath toys to put in the tub to help entertain him. Apparently, Scout thinks Krystina might not like bath time either, so he brings his toys to her when SHE takes a bath now.

"He also loves to open gifts. No matter the occasion... Birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day and Father's Day, he wants to be right there in the middle of the action. This past Christmas we were all sitting in the living room talking and my mom brought in a gift for each of us to open from the other room. When Scout realized what was going on, he walked into the other room where the gifts were and just stood in front of them all as if he was choosing one to open himself," said Krystina. "Scout really likes to watch television, has since he was little. Advertising just might be his favorite thing on TV. Farmers Insurance commercials have a significant "bong" sound at the beginning of their ads and wherever Scout is in the house, he will hear it and come running. A while back they had a commercial where there were dogs destroying a home (he barks at animals on the TV) so since then he recognizes the sound and thinks he'll see the dogs on the commercial."

Krystina said Scout makes us laugh every day and she can't imagine her life without him.

"Scout has never been my “pet”. He’s my boy, my baby... my best friend," said Krystina.

We agree with Krystina. Our four-legged, furry friends are members of our family!

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