Pet of the Week: Caspian the Great... Pyrenees

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Pet of the Week: Caspian the Great... Pyrenees (Courtesy: Dondi Scumaci)

Monday is the day each week we look through all of the photos of your furry family members we receive from you in Chime In and choose just one to honor with the noble title of Pet of the Week.

This week we chose Caspian, a five-month-old Great Pyrenees Mix rescued by Dondi Scumaci.

Dondi tells us that Caspian and his brother were picked up by a good Samaritan after they were found running along a Texas highway and almost getting hit by a car. The pair were taken to the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue (TGPR), where they were thoroughly vetted and fostered until they were made available for adoption.

Caspian or Prince Caspian is the name the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue gave to him, and Dondi loved it so much, she kept it. TGPR said that Prince Caspian from the Chronicles of Narnia was the inspiration for for his name.

Great Pyrenees' are very large dogs and so it should come as no surprise to anyone that Caspian LOVES to eat. Dondi said they are very careful with his diet making sure he gets all the good nutrition needed to support his growth. Caspian's favorite snack is cheese and loves it when he is given some scrambled eggs in the morning in his kibble. Guess what makes those eggs even better... a sprinkle of cheddar cheese added right on top!

Like most doggos, Caspian has a favorite toy, Lamb Chop. It doesn't matter to him that he has methodically pulled all of the stuffing out of Lamb Chop, he still will carry it around with him. Lamb Chop always makes him feel better. He also loves to play with his Border Collie Mix sister, Fidora, also a rescue.

Dondi says that Caspian is really smart. His foster mom called him 'Baby Einstein' because he learned so quickly. He has already learned how to sit, stay and lie down.

"Caspian sleeps on his bed next to ours and right before going outside EARLY in the morning, he likes to climb in the human’s bed until it is really time to get up. He's a very snuggly boy," said Dondi.

Like most dogs, Caspian loves to go for a ride in the car. He even enjoyed going to meet his new veterinarian. He got a very good report.

"Every day is filled with Caspian cute. He is hilarious. Because we are working from home, he is the new co-worker. He’s quickly become the office clown," said Dondi. "He’s full of energy, loves everybody, lumbers around like a big lion and smiles all the time. He also made a big splash on Facebook and Twitter. He’s receiving lots of Good Boy’s from around the world."

Dondi said that they were so excited about Caspian being named Pet of the Week that they were going to go celebrate with a Puppucino from Starbucks.

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