Pet of the Week: Bonjour Henrii!

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Courtesy: Teresa-Lynn Gentile

Every Monday we look through the hundreds of pet photos we receive in Chime In and choose one special pet to be our Pet of the Week.

This week we chose Henrii, an almost 10-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi adopted by Teresa-Lynn Gentile and her boyfriend from Corgis and Critters in Kilgore, Texas.

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Henrii was given the name Henry after being rescued by Corgis and Critters. When Teresa-Lynn's boyfriend adopted him back in 2013, they decided he was such a unique dog that he deserved a unique name, so they added the two ii's at the end to give his name much-needed flare.

Henrii has never met any food he doesn't like, so just like many in the new year has started a diet to lose some excess holiday pounds. His absolute favorite food is frozen broccoli, which he gets whenever he wants, along with his diet dog food... at least for now.

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Teresa-Lynn said, "Henrii LOVES all toys! He likes to steal them from our other dogs and 'de-fluff' any toy that has a squeaker. He also likes to 'dance' with his toys by shaking them back and forth while wiggling around. It’s quite funny to watch."

Henrii has the ability to sleep anywhere, but has a favorite spot up against the living room wall. When it's bedtime, he joins his humans in their bed plopping down right between them on his back, then snores the night away just like a little old man.

According to Teresa-Lynn, when Henrii goes for rides in the car, the child locks need to be engaged because likes to step on the window button and roll the window down so he can feel the wind blowing through his big old ears.

Teresa-Lynn said, "He smiles all the time and really likes to bathe in the warm Texas sun, no matter what time of year it is. He also really likes walks, but his little legs can only take him so far, so the shorter the walk, the better."

Henrii has a very interesting way of hopping down the stairs, probably because he's kind of "back-heavy."

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