New winery headed to Hemisfair

New winery headed to Hemisfair (SBG San Antonio)

In the shadow of the Tower of the Americas, sits nearly 3000 square feet of Jennifer Beckmann’s dream. It’s a work in progress.

“Absolutely. It’s moving fast," said Jennifer.

Jennifer is an expert on wine.

“The running joke was I was a poetry major and I was going to drink for a living one way or the other. And I figured out how to get paid for it," she said with a laugh.

When it comes to wine, she has a theory.

“Everybody should enjoy wine," she said. "Wine should be a part of your literal every day existence.”

Which brings us here, to what will be her new winery in Hemisfair Park.

Re-Rooted 210.

Here, you’ll find a special in-house brand, and wines from all over the world, including right here in Texas.

Jennifer said you may not know it, but Texans are good with wine.

“We have this really youthful market here in Texas, these pioneers that came into one of the hardest places in the world to grow grapes, and they’re producing world class wines," said Jennifer.

And she wants to show that off.

“We’ll be featuring 50 to 100 bottles from across the state," said Jennifer.

But there’s something more.

Jennifer wants to make wine tasting and education more accessible to people inside the city.

“Take it out of the farm, and bring it into an urban setting," she said.

Jennifer hopes this work in progress, her dream come true, will soon be a place to introduce a whole new set of people the beauty of good wine.

ReRooted 210 is expected to open sometime in November.