Local shop aims at big impact on economy, environment for Small Business Saturday

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"Jar" is a shop in Stuart that aims at not using any packaging that'll end up in the trash. (WPEC)

For a decade, Americans have been going from big savings on Black Friday to shopping local on Small Business Saturday.

A small, locally-owned shop in Stuart had specials to encourage people to shop local for the holiday.

"More unique items and better for the environment," said shopper Jasper Heilig.

"Jar" is a shop in Stuart that aims at not using any packaging that'll end up in the trash.

Shop Owner Emily Mauri spoke to CBS12 News on Small Business Saturday to discuss some of the reusable items for sale in the store.

"Bulk food, I have a soap refill station where they can literally bring in their plastic jugs and fill them up, or their jars if you will," said Mauri.

The shop had special sales, along with drinks, to encourage people to get out for Small Business Saturday.

"Small business is the backbone of our community, our economy. When you're shopping from a small business, you're shopping from a family, friend, a neighbor," said Mauri.

Shoppers say they were glad to get away from big retailers and look at the smaller shops in Stuart.

"Help support the local economy, help small businesses thrive," said Heilig, a "Jar" shopper.

Especially a business aimed at keeping the community clean. Even how products are shipped is considered at "Jar."

"Sourcing items that are local, you know, I use companies that don't ship or use any single-use plastic, so knowing I'm giving that back to our community is the fun for me," said Mauri.

Because in a seaside town like Stuart, the community is directly impacted by plastic and pollution.

"We spend a lot of time on the water, so we see first hand the pollution, the effects, the animals that come out with deformities and things like that," said Mauri.