Local pharmacy steps up to help displaced Jerome Golden Center patients

Greenacres pharmacy 1.jpg
A pharmacy in Greenacres is taking on the task to help displaced Jerome Golden Center patients. (WPEC)

A mental health facility is seeking to fill a void left after the closure of the Jerome Golden Center.

Family Care Rx Pharmacy staff has been reaching out to the center's former patients to make sure no one falls between the cracks. Especially since the center’s clientele is mostly low-Income.

“They’re not going to get back in the system. They're not going to be able to get taken care of, and we wanted to try to avoid that as much as possible,” Christoper Leon, the owner of Family Care Rx Pharmacy said.

After the Jerome Golden Center closed due to bankruptcy, Family Care Rx hired some of its staff.

“It was a heartbreaking situation,” Tanh Le, a pharmacist at Family Care Pharmacy Rx said.

Le was hired after working at the Jerome Golden Center for nine years.

Health experts say since Jerome Golden Center’s closing, many patients don’t know where to get their medicine.

Le hopes their efforts eliminate some of the confusion.

The South County Medical Center in Delray Beach is also filling some prescriptions. But it's farther from West Palm Beach where the Golden Center was located.

To make it more convenient staff at Family Care Rx fill prescriptions to patients at a cost comparable to what the Jerome Golden Center offered.

“By enabling them to stay on their meds we’re able to keep them functioning in society,” Leon said.