How much does it cost to send your child back to school?

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How much does it cost to send your child back to school?

The first day of the new school year will be here before you know it, so many parents are gearing up to get the supplies their kids need.

So, armed with a credit card and camera, we sent Siouxland news reporter Derek Krayenhagen and photographer Larry Watts to do some "back- to- school shopping" for an imaginary 5th grader.

For this experiment we used the Sioux City School District's recommended list of supplies needed for a 5th grade student.

Making our way through target we grabbed items like colored pencils, notebooks, and kleenexs.

While shopping we even ran into one mom doing her back to school shopping, her kids are 10 and 15 years old, so this wasn't her first rodeo.

"You buy all the basics that you need but sometimes you find yourself, the kids want you know extra special sparkly things. And so things cost a little more sometimes. But you try to keep it down if you can," said Tammy Keepers.

One thing Keepers said she couldn't keep the price low on was a calculator for her sophomore.

She said, "It's like over one hundred dollars, for one calculator."

Keepers also told me she is a teacher for the Sheldon School District, she said when she sends home those supplies list she tries to keep it to the bare minimum needed.

"The things that teachers often put on those lists are the things they use, you know you are going to use and we use them a lot, so we try to keep that to the basic stuff," said Keepers.

There's optional supply items like index cards on the list but just for the sake of argument we are going to put them in with our list.

Last thing we needed was a book bag for our imaginary 5th grader to carry all his stuff in.

So the backpacks are tough because they range from anywhere from $34.99 to anywhere down to $14.99 but in the sake of argument we just wanted to get something that's going to be able to fit all the supplies.

With all of our supplies ready to go, we headed for check out.

Item after item was scanned, until we finally reached our total.

We got just around 20 supplies for $61.58, so hopefully this will give you an idea of what its going to cost you when you have to go back to school shopping.

Students will be returning to school over the next month, with students in Nebraska and South Dakota starting classes August 16th, and most students in Iowa returning to class August 23rd.