Hepatitis A cases growing, so is the concern after latest death

Hepatitis A cases are still top of mind on the Treasure Coast. Right now, the number of cases in Martin County alone stands at 30.

The number of cases of Hepatitis A here in Martin County is growing. And for some, there’s a growing sense of urgency to do something about it.

“I feel frustrated and I think that’s the sentiment most of the residents on the Treasure Coast feel right now with this outbreak," said State Rep. Toby Overdorf, Dist. 83-Palm City.

Rep. Overdorf wants the state health department to figure out where the Hepatitis A outbreak is coming from, who brought it here, and how it was contracted.

“I think the Treasure Coast deserves to get better service from the Department of Health and I think that they will," he said.

Rep. Overdorf says the state surgeon general is working on a plan to investigate the Hepatitis A outbreak in Martin County and prevent additional cases, and that plan could be out soon.

“I am hoping that they will have a much better investigation," Rep. Overdorf said.

"I think the Governor should step in and bring some big guns down here to find out where this is coming from, locate the sources and deal with the sources," said Lloyd Rogers, a Palm City resident.

Rogers feels finding the source needs to be a much bigger priority.

His dear friend and next door neighbor, Colin Holmes, 75, died from Hepatitis A last month.

Holmes was the fourth person in Martin county to die from the disease.

“This was his pride and joy. He loved cars. That was his passion," Rogers said as he showed us the 1969 Austin Healey sports car that he helped Holmes restore.

He says Holmes was almost like a brother to him and his death from Hepatitis A is heartbreaking.

“Something’s wrong. Find the answer and fix it. Protect the public. Should we get the governor involved? Who else can we get involved? I feel the Martin County Health Dept. has let us down," Rogers said.

We asked the health department for a response, but it did not provide one. Meanwhile, Rep. Overdorf says the state surgeon general is expected to come here before the end of the month, to discuss his plan to investigate the hepatitis A outbreak.