Epstein accusers' attorney says his death isn't the death of justice

jack scarola.png
Jack Scarola, a lawyer for Epstein accuser, speaks with CBS 12 News. (WPEC)

Following Jeffrey Epstein's suicide, there are a lot of questions about what's next for his victims and accusers.

Jack Scarola, the representative of seven women saying they're victims of Epstein's sex-trafficking ring, says Epstein's death doesn't stop him from seeking justice and answers for his clients.

"I don't see any law enforcement agency backing off of the investigation at this point," said Scarola.

Scarola says his clients still want answers about how many victims Epstein had and how conspirators were involved. He also says he wants answers from local authorities about how Epstein's case and incarceration were handled in Palm Beach County.

"Sheriff Ric Bradshaw, the local sheriff responsible for the supervision of Epstein's conditions of incarceration, has a lot of questions to answer and I think the pressure's going to be put on to see that those answers are ultimately found," Scarola said.

He says his clients will still seek financial compensation through civil suits.

"Epstein's death does not end the liability of his estate. That liability continues," said Scarola.

CBS 12 News spoke with another victim's attorney, who says his clients felt relief that Epstein can't have more victims and pain that some questions will never be answered.