Elvis Presley performs in front of thousands at Bexar Co. Coliseum in 1956

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Elvis Presley and accompanying vocalists singing in concert at Bexar County Coliseum in 1956.{ }(Photo courtesy San Antonio Light Collection/UTSA Libraries Special Collections)

SAN ANTONIO - Elvis Presley was no stranger to the Alamo City.

During his breakout year of 1956, the future "King of Rock & Roll" made three appearances in San Antonio, his last being on Oct. 14, 1956 - just days after radio stations across the country were playing his latest release "Love Me Tender."

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That song would be Elvis' fifth No. 1 hit of 1956, and would make teenage girls swoon when Elvis and his band, Scotty Moore, Bill Black and D.J. Fontana, performed two shows at the Bexar County Coliseum.

The anticipation was at a fever pitch, with teenage girls all over the city trying to find out what hotel Elvis was staying. According to Scotty Moore, Elvis and the band stayed at the old Flamingo Motor Hotel on Austin Highway while in San Antonio.

The Express News ad from Oct. 14, 1956 read "Elvis Presley - Nation's Only Atomic Powered Singer."

Elvis' set list included songs like "Don't Be Cruel," "Hound Dog," "Heartbreak Hotel," and a cover of the Ray Charles classic "I've Got A Woman."

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Just before the concert, Elvis was given a plaque by fan club members and was interviewed by the press, including an interview with Al Hitchcock from Radio KEYS in Corpus Christi. He talked about his upcoming film debut "Love Me Tender." When he was told that he'd make a fin actor, Elvis responded by saying that "I'm trying to learn. I'm not very good at (acting), but I'm sure trying to learn."

LISTEN to the interview here.

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