Do home remedies really work on mosquitoes

Photo: John Tann / CC BY 2.0 / MGN

This past weekend with Mother's Day and it being warm and breezy I spent some time in the back yard. What I realized after about fifteen minutes was that the mosquitoes were back with a vengeance! I was fairly certain they were going to drain the blood right out of me if I stayed outside for very much longer and was certain my little chihuahuas were going to be carried off! How did this happen so fast? Just two weeks ago we were in the low 80s and it wasn't humid. No mosquitoes in sight at my house and now they were prowling like jackals. I tried the old vinegar and water mix to ward them off but had no luck. I think they liked it! So that made me wonder what does work? I hear about this plant or that pesticide but do they actually help?

So I went to talk to an expert on the subject. Molly Keck, an Entomologist for the Texas A&M Agrilife extension office. Check out her interview. She answers a lot of questions about what she knows works on mosquitoes and what may not.