Deputies patrol school zones to keep kids safe in Martin County

Deputies patrol school zones to keep kids safe in Martin County (CBS12)

School-zone speeding has not and will not be tolerated in Martin County.

Armed with speed-tracking devices, deputies with the Sheriff's Office are patrolling school zones, looking to calm traffic during the start of the school year.

Speeding in the school zone could have deadly consequences.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are five teen pedestrian deaths in the U.S. each week; in addition, there has been a 13 percent increase in the pedestrian death rate for 12 through 19 year olds since 2013.

While school zones are meant to alert drivers of the presence of children coming and going to schools nearby, the unfortunate reality is that injuries can still occur on the part of distracted drivers or unsafe pedestrian behaviors.

According to state law, a school zone speed limit may not be less than 15 miles per hour except by local regulation. No school zone speed limit shall be more than 20 miles per hour in an urbanized area. Such speed limit may be in force only during those times 30 minutes before, during, and 30 minutes after the periods of time when pupils are arriving at a regularly scheduled breakfast program or a regularly scheduled school session and leaving a regularly scheduled school session.