Defense says Vasata not the gunman who fired fatal shots in Jupiter Super Bowl murders

We’re getting new insight into the Super Bowl Sunday triple murders in Jupiter two years ago. (WPEC)

We’re getting new insight into the Super Bowl Sunday triple murders in Jupiter two years ago.

Christopher Vasata, 26, of Jupiter is on trial, accused of killing three people in February 2017.

Jurors heard opening statements Tuesday.

The defense and prosecutors present vastly different versions of what happened that night. For the first time, we are hearing about a third alleged gunman who the defense says was a drug dealer mixed up in a feud.

In opening statements, the defense told the jury that an eyewitness at the shooting scene—Charles Vorpagel---claims the man who fired the fatal shots is a gunman who was never arrested---a man with dreadlocks and gold teeth named Luke Kutsukis and that Vasata did not commit the murders.

"Mr. Vasata did not go there with the intent of harming anyone and it is not he that is guilty of killing these individuals," said Elizabeth Ramsey, asst. public defender.

"Christopher Vasata came there with Marcus Steward and in the course of firing multiple rounds into Kelli Dougherty, Sean Henry and Brandi El-Salhy, he too was accidentally shot by Marcus," said Chrichet Mixon, prosecutor.

The state says there were two gunmen, while the defense said there were three masked gunmen.

On Tuesday, the prosecution called several Jupiter Police Officers to testify about what they saw when they arrived at the crime scene. None of them testified that they saw Vasata there. The jury was shown graphic photos of the crime scene, showing three bodies. They were also shown a Glock-style handgun found at the shooting scene.

The trial is expected to last about 3 weeks. If convicted, Vasata could receive the death penalty. A twelve-member jury is hearing the case.