CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Movie theater brawl on the Far West Side

Theater brawl caught on camera.PNG
Theater brawl caught on camera

A senseless brawl breaks out inside a Far West Side theater putting dozens of innocent movie-goers in harm’s way.

Experts say violent acts tend to heat up during summer months and we're already starting to see the effects in San Antonio.

On Thursday June 15th, a feature film was interrupted when a brawl broke out between groups of nearly two dozen people. People recorded the fights and posted it to social media.

Selena Sandoval says she saw the fight unfold inside the theater.

“I haven't ever gone through anything like that,” said Sandoval.

Sandoval says it all started when one group thought the other was talking too loud during the movie.

“They were like behind us just fighting and like everybody was going at everybody,” said Sandoval.

For safety reasons movie theater employees stayed at a safe distance. Safety experts suggest during any public disturbance, don't stick around to record it. Instead, execute your preplanned escape. They encourage you to be aware of all exits and identify a location to meet if you and your family and friends become separated.

In this case, San Antonio police were called to evacuate movie-goers and bring the situation under control.

“I'm glad I made it out alive like safe,” said Sandoval.

Sandoval admits things could've been worse.

“You don't know if anybody can take out a weapon or something,” said Sandoval.

As for the movie theater brawl, it's under investigation.