Campus carry in effect at all Alamo Colleges beginning Tuesday

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(SBG San Antonio photo)

SAN ANTONIO - It is now legal to carry a gun on all the campuses of the Alamo Colleges district. The signs have been posted, the e-mails have been sent out to the students, and the faculty has been briefed all in preparation for the state law, which went into effect on August 1 at all two-year colleges across Texas.

This follows on the footsteps of all state 4 year universities doing the same a year ago. But for some of the students at San Antonio College there is still some apprehension.

Anna Calderon, a student at San Antonio College explains, "If something were to happen and everyone has guns, you don't know who's the bad guy or the good guy, so it can be very dangerous."

And Victor another student says, "Because anybody can carry a gun, anybody can have a license, anyone can go around and shoot people."

But others aren't as worried,

"If you carry a gun correctly, there's no problem. So it's up to every individual how they feel about it personally. My personal belief is if you want to carry a gun, then that's on you,” says Steven.

The law does have many requirements and Alamo Colleges leaders have taken extra steps adding other restrictions.

Ross Laughhead, General Council at Alamo Colleges explains, "The general rule is that concealed carry is allowed everywhere except where we prohibit it."

For example, no guns at campus daycare facilities or where many children gather like the Scobee Planetarium and...

"We're prohibiting it in mental health areas, student or employee discipline area, athletic facilities," says Laughhead.

Joe Ivbrand, VP of Communications at UTSA says they have had no complaints or issues with the law since they went to campus carry a year ago.