Austin man runs a Texas-shaped running trail in his neighborhood

Texas Shaped run 2.jpg
Austin man runs a Texas-shaped running trail in his neighborhood{ }(Photo credit: Ryan Grillo)

An Austin man found a way to run around Texas in 5 miles.

Ryan Grillo says his Lone Star-shaped run was by accident.

"I noticed after my run that it looked like Texas," said Grillo. "It took me 3 tries to get it just perfect."

Grillo recently moved to Austin from Chicago. His husband got a job a H-E-B.

He's ready to embrace his new home with open arms. He's already got a Longhorns bumper sticker and Texas shaped doormat.

"I'm looking forward to the warmer weather here," said Grillo. "I'll be able to pick up my running again."

It took Grillo about 45 minutes to complete his 5-mile Texas shaped run. It took about 30 minutes to map out the run.

He says the El Paso area was the most difficult part to shape on the route.

"I just couldn't get the right street to complete the route," said Grillo. "But after the third try I hit it."

Grillo hopes this run inspires others to get creative with their workouts during this pandemic.

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