An old-time seafood restaurant gets a blue plate award for perfect inspection score

J. Anthony's Seafood 1.jpg
J. Anthony's Seafood Cafe captures its first Blue Plate Award after getting a perfect score on its latest health inspection (News 4 San Antonio).{ }

SAN ANTONIO - This week's News 4 San Antonio Blue Plate Award goes to J. Anthony's Seafood Cafe located at 3702 Southeast Military Drive.

From fried to baked to grilled food this restaurant serves all kinds of seafood.

"Our best sellers would probably be our admirals dinner which is a bigger plate which is three fried fish, three fried shrimp, 2 fried oyster, also comes with any 2 sides of choice, a medium soup and the soup does come with rice," said Adriana Huerta, the restaurant manager.

The cafe has been around for 40 years and it keeps expanding.

"We are a total of four locations, we have this one which is our Military location, we have our Culebra location, our General McMullen and our South Presa location," said Huerta.

They are thrilled to say that they finally scored their first Blue Plate Award.

"If it wasn't for our customers we wouldn't be here today. Also, it was a group effort from all our employees to keep our area clean, serving out the best quality food we can and we would just like to thank all our loyal customers," said Huerta.

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