A popular Mexican Cafe aces its health inspection and gets a Blue Plate for it

Huevos Rancheros .jpg
This is what is unique about their menu, huevos rancheros{ } with a tortilla shell underneath the eggs (News 4 San Antonio).{ }

This week's News 4 Blue Plate Award goes to El Buen Gusto Mexican Cafe located at 7709 Tezel Road.

It serves everything from chilaquiles to all types of Mexican breakfast dishes, and it boasts one very unique item.

"We also have huevos rancheros - very popular as we make it a little bit different with a tortilla shell underneath the eggs smothered in the salsa and also potatoes and beans," said Alma Nunez, the restaurant owner.

It's a family business that has been in town for seven years and the owners are beyond excited and proud to score their first Blue Plate Award

"We just wanna say thanks to all our customers. It wouldn't be possible without them," said Nunez.

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