9 Fiesta events you can't miss in 2019

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Photos courtesy Gabby Mata / San Antonio Lovelist

With Fiesta ready to start here in San Antonio you better have your game plan ready to go! The trick to an effective celebration is to plan accordingly - and that includes parking, cash and suntan lotion, but that’ll be another post. In the meantime, you’ve gotta sit down and make a strategy to hit up some of the best events. If not, you’ll have to do what I did last year and take some time off to recover from Fiesta too hard.

Luckily this year, thanks to Jesus and Easter, Fiesta will be stretched out with a “Fiesta pre-game” that starts the week before. So let’s get that Fiesta LoveList ready to go!

Fiesta Fiesta - April 18

The kick off to the Fiesta season is the best kick-off party you’ll ever go to. Held at Hemisfair Park, you’ll have access to plenty of food, fun and music ready to get you amped for the 2019 Fiesta season. Best of all, it’s free. Only thing you gotta worry about is parking.

Taste of the Republic- April 18

A few years ago, Chef Brian West had an idea and wrote a manifesto celebrating the different cuisines of the various regions of Texas. Now in its third year of celebrating, the Taste of the Republic is one of my personal favorite events. The coolest thing about the Taste of the Republic is that it goes along parallel to Fiesta Fiesta in the courtyard of Marriot Plaza. So think of it as the VIP party of Fiesta. It will sell out so get ya some tickets.

Fiesta Oyster Bake - April 12 & 13

Hands down one of the most fun events you’ll have -- and it benefits education! Actually, if you didn’t know Fiesta is actually all about giving back, so the more you party the more non-profits win! Honestly, my favorite chicken on a stick is from Oyster Bake as they dip it in the jalapeƱo juice, and that just makes it taste so much more yummy.

Webb Party - April 19

What’s better than a party whose reputation precedes its name? Maybe you haven’t heard about it, but it’s a ball of a time. All proceeds go to the San Antonio Aids Foundation, so why not partake in this party? This year’s theme is DISCO!

NIOSA - April 23 through April 26

A Night in Old San Antonio is a rite of passage. Like can you really say you Fiesta’d if you didn’t? Not only can you check off all your Fiesta food bucket list, but you’ll also have so much fun collecting cups, partying with your friends and living your best life.

Fiesta Pooch Parade - April 27

This is the best reason to wake up early on a Saturday. The Fiesta Pooch Parade is the recipe for pure joy. It’s puppies, parades and cute outfits. Like how much cuter can this get? And think of all your friends who will be jealous they missed out on the puppy chulos? Okay, maybe I can think of one friend who would be jealous.

King William Fair - April 27

All hail King William and have a cup of good cheer. I mean, there’s no other way to describe this zany festival held towards the end of Fiesta. Come for the parade and stay for the art.

SA Cactus + Xenophyte Show and Sale - April 25-27

OK, OK -- hear me out on this one. I basically made this blog to support my dog and my plant habit, and the cactus show is the highlight of my life. So why not drop two benny’s on a dozen plants?

Fiesta Flambeau Parade - April 27

Avoid the heat and get there early for the Fiesta Flambeau parade. Personally, parades with lots of people make me feel like I’m stuck, but if you’re going for the true Fiesta experience, you’ve gotta check this one off your list. We’ve also got the largest night parade in the US -- that’s like life changing!

The One to Watch: Chanclas and Cervezas - April 20

We’re all amped up for the first year of Chanclas and Cervezas. Mark your calendars and check this one out. We’re hoping it’ll be a great event.

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