Wonder Woman, Stephen King's 'It,' other blockbusters release new trailers

Courtesy: Warner Bros. Entertainment

With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 kicking things off with a $145 million debut last weekend, this summer is heating up to be one of the best at the box office.

Several new trailers were released to coincide with the MTV Movie and TV Awards that just adds even more fuel to Hollywood's summer on fire.

Not to be outdone, several trailers from the small screen are even making some noise.

Wonder Woman - June 2

Gal Gadot insists the “torture” of training for "Wonder Woman" was worth it, because she's grown in physical strength. And she shows off that strength in the final trailer.

Transformers: The Last Knight - June 21

This scene features a very funny conversation between Anthony Hopkins and Mark Wahlberg.

Spider Man: Homecoming - July 7

The latest clip shows Peter Parker's (Tom Holland) friend Ned (Jacob Batalon) discovering his secret identity.

Marvel's The Defenders - Aug. 18

It has all built up to this. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist - all four shows which stand on their own - come together for a fight for New York City - ala the way Marvel wove a symbiotic cineverse from "Iron Man" all the way to "The Avengers." Look for appearances by many of the side characters featured in those shows.

Stephen King's It - Sept. 8

WATCH IT AT YOUR OWN RISK: The new “It” trailer spooked audiences during the MTV Movie & TV Awards. This sneak peak might turn some heads. The first trailer garnered 197 million views globally in its first 24 hours, breaking “The Fate of the Furious'” record (139 million views) for the most-watched trailer online in a single day.