Vince Vaughn gets social media backlash for chatting with Trump during LSU, Clemson game

NEW ORLEANS (CBS12) - President Trump and first lady Melania Trump traveled to New Orleans to watch the college football championship game and were seated close to another celebrity, CBS News reports.

Vince Vaughn also attended the game and rubbed elbows with the president, which caused a social media uproar against the actor, according to the report.

Journalist Timothy Burke shared video of the interaction between the two men on Twitter, saying: "I'm very sorry to have to share this video with you."

Other social media users, including Lisa Boothe from Fox News, supported the actor, saying it was just another celebrity meeting the president and having a "civil conversation."

Ellen DeGeneres also recently received social media backlash when she was seen sitting next to former president George W. Bush at a Dallas Cowboys game.

Vaughn, who is not active on social media, has not responded to the backlash yet.