The Batman of Tomorrow seeks to take down Superboy

Courtesy: DC Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS...Here are reviews from Josh Holston from Heroes and Fantasies on this week's top comics.

DC Comics’ Hawkman Found #1

Ever since the beginning of Dark Nights Metal, one of the lingering questions circling around the event was the whereabouts of Hawkman. We finally get that answer, and so much more, in this one shot written by Jeff Lemire (Black Hammer) with artwork by Kevin Nowlan (Superman: Distant Fires) and Bryan Hitch (Justice League). Hawkman's inner monologue perfectly captures both the external and internal struggles Carter Hall is experiencing while being trapped in his own personal nightmare. If you didn't pick this is up, you have already missed out completely.

Marvel Comics’ Phoenix Resurrection #1

I won't lie, there is so much going on in this issue, but in a good way. The title of this event will have you thinking this is all about the return of the original Jean Grey, but she isn't the only one whose coming back to us. Matthew Rosenberg (Punisher) and Leinil Francis Yu (Wolverine/New Avengers) deliver a great combination of strong grounded dialogue and captivating artwork that is setting this event up to be one of Marvel's biggest thus far.


Top Cow Production’s Bonehead #1

Writer Bryan Hill (Postal) and Artist Rhoald Marcellius (Marvel's Contest of Champions) bring a great futuristic take on a megalopolis where parkour gangs use enhanced helmets that takes their skills the next level. The costume design of the "boneheads" is original and refreshing all at once. I can't wait to see how much more is in store during this story arc.

DC Comics’ Superman #37

After putting the Gotham Knights through the ringer in Detective Comics, Tim Drake from the Future is back to give our heroes more trouble in Super Sons of Tomorrow Part One. As Batman, writers Patrick Gleason and Peter Tomasi (Batman and Robin) implement great detail into their storytelling on how calculating and strategic Tim is when he faces off against the World's Finest. Also, I love the artwork Artist Jorge Jimenez (Smallville Season 11) gives us which is visually satisfying and caters perfectly to the action sequences in the book. If you want action, this comic is for you.

Marvel Comics’ Marvel 2 in One - The Thing & The Human Torch #1

Hope and nostalgia will grab a hold of you as you delve into this first part of the story. In this issue, Benjamin J. Grimm and Johnny Storm are both struggling to find out where their place is in the Marvel Universe without the rest of their Fantastic Four family in their lives. In order to keep Johnny from spiraling down a self destructive, melancholic path, Ben persuades him to embark on quest with him to find the rest of the FF. Writer Chip Zdarsky (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man) and Artist Jim Cheung (Avengers: The Children's Crusade) jump start the story arc beautifully in more ways then one, and gives us a glimpse of things to come that could spell doom for our heroes. Stay in the loop on this one readers.

IDW's Assassinistas #1

Assassinistas starts up with an in depth look into the world of these former assassins who are trying to navigate through the bumpy terrain that is their lives. Writer Tini Howard (Rick and Morty) gives a great straight-forward dialogue that guides the narrative of the charatcers flawlessly while the artwork of Gilbert Hernandez (Marble Season) is very reminiscent of the animated show called China, IL which is refreshing in its own way. Warning though, this book is for mature readers.

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